Poisonous things for dogs

In your home, garden, street and parks there are things that can harm or even kill your dog.

If you think that your dog has eaten any of the following on the lists, please contact your vet as soon as possible for further guidance.
Many of these things whilst may not kill your dog, they can cause serious problems.


All medication for humans and animal should be locked away securely. Always read the label.
Both legal and illegal drugs can be extremely harmful or even kill dogs (and children).
If you think your dog was ingested any of these, call your vet!

Common foods

Cooked bones are very dangerous to dogs. They can get stuck, shatter or splinter in the throat, stomach or intestines causing injuries and even death. Cooking bones make them hard and prone to shatter and pierce any part of the digestive system.

Chocolate contains theobromine (related to caffeine) which is toxic to dogs. This can be found in garden mulch Cocoa also. Beware!

Grapes, sultanas and currents contain toxins that can lead to kidney failure in dogs.

Fat trimmings and kebabs (can cause Pancreatitis)
Vitamin tablets, chewing gum, avocado, alcohol, macadamia nuts, dairy products, tobacco are all toxic to dogs.
If you think your dog was ingested any of these, call your vet!

House hold products

All the following products should be kept locked away from dogs (and children).
Toxic cleaning products. Bleach, floor cleaners, toilet cleaners, washing up power, liquid, soaps, dish washer tablets and cleaning sprays. Check the labels of your products, if they say keep them away from children and pets – lock them away.
Floor cleaning products can be very toxic to dogs and children, always read the label. You can always rise the floor after using these products with plain water and a mop to take away the chemicals or invest in a steam cleaner.

If you think your dog was ingested any of these, call your vet!

Home and Garden products

Again, these items will clearly be marked to keep away from children and pets.
Garden fertilisers, pesticides, rodent poison, ant killer, paraffin, petrol, anti-freeze, batteries. Always read the label.
If you think your dog was ingested any of these, call your vet!
Snails and slugs can also contain lung worm. Speak to your vet who can advise on vaccinations.

Puddles and ponds

Puddles and ponds in public places can be giant breeding pools of nasty bacteria.
If water sits puddles for days, bacteria multiply. Even in winter when it cold bugs and bacteria can survive in puddles. Infected dog can drink from these puddles or “toilets” near/ in them. The bacteria will infect the water and start to multiply, Any dog drinking from these risk the possibility of becoming infected.
Just be aware, if it’s warm and you notice the same puddles day after day in the park, beware. Look out for stagnant looking water.

It is difficult to stop your dog drinking from these, so re-enforce your “leave” and “come” commands. Take a bottle of water to the park with you, with a collapsible drinking bowl.
Diarrhea and blood can be a sign of infection, call your vet.

Common, trees, plants, bushes, shrubs, that are toxic to dogs.

In the garden there are Poisonous things for dogs
Azalea, Amaryllis, Apple seeds, Crocus, Baby’s breath (Gypsophilia),
Bluebells, Boxwood, Buttercups, Cherry kernels, leaves and stems,
Christmas Rose, Cyclamen, Chrysanthemum, Daffodil bulbs,
Foxgloves, Hellebores, Hibiscus, Hyacinth, Hydrangea, Juniper, Mistletoe
Morning Glory, Narcissus, Peony, Periwinkle, Poinsettia, Poison Ivy (the hint is in the name), Poppy, Potato, Tulip bulbs, Virginia Creeper, Wild cherry, Wisteria and

House hold plants

There are many Poisonous things for dogs in the home.
Asparagus Ferns, Caladium, Poinsettia, Rubber plants, Spider Plant, Umbrella Plant.
You can always Google the plant name and see if it is toxic.
There are so many plants and substances that are toxic to dogs and cats. The following websites have in-depth lists of plants and substances and their effect on dogs.
Again, if you are concerned that your dog may have eaten something toxic or dangerous – Phone your vet!

The Dogs Trust
The Kennel Club

I hope that is helpful. I think I have made it clear now, lock away and all toxic substances and phone your vet if you think your dog has ingested any of these. Poisonous things for dogs

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