Dog Walking – Wandsworth

Dog Walking - Wandsworth

Dog Walking – Wandsworth

Oh all you lucky people with dogs who are living in the Wandsworth Borough.
Its the place to be. Last week even The Times said Tooting was as hip as Brooklyn NY.

First of all there are so many fantastic commons to walk dogs. Also there is the The River Thames at the top of Wandsworth has the amazing Battersea Park.



Wandsworth is made up of the  Battersea, Clapham, Earlsfield, Putney, Balham and Tooting. Each are very popular and beautiful.
You are spoilt for amazing parks because you have Battersea Park, Wandsworth Common, Wandsworth Park, Clapham Common and Tooting / Balham Commons. They are all well maintained great for dogs.

The larger parks have cafes and ponds. Battersea Park is mu most favourite park as has all you need for a great day out. Boating lakes, Gallery, Sports pitches, miniature zoo, peace pagoda and the River Thames.


Probably the best dog walkers in town, Harrisons Dogs offers local dog walking, doggy daycare and boarding services.

As we only walk small groups of small to medium sized dogs, each dogs gets individual attention and care. As a result our clients dogs spend small amounts of time in the car. We do have vans packed full of dogs as we think its more about the quality of walk rather than the quantity.

The best Dog Walking – Wandsworth.