Dog Walking in Hot Weather – Top Tips

Dogs can over heat quickly on hot days and it can be fatal. Be careful when Dog Walking in Hot Weather!

If you are concerned call your vet. They have 24 hour emergency numbers. It’s always a good idea to have this programmed into your phone.

When I walk the dogs in summer, I tend to move the walks forward a little to a cooler time. We keep in the shade as much as possible and I always have lots of water. Walking dogs at Wandsworth Common and Tooting common is great as there are plenty of shaded areas. The dogs tend to know it’s hot and prefer sniffing around in the wooded areas.

Beware of muddy smelly puddles, as they can contain bugs that upset dogs stomachs.

Here are some simple tips that you may find useful

* If your dog has a long coat, have it trimmed for the summer.
* Avoid walking during the hottest parts of the day. Do an early morning walk or late afternoon.
* Avoid long car journeys. Use air conditioning, Pet Car Window shades & provide plenty of water.
* Use a non-spill bowl of water in the car I use ones similar to this Prestige-Road-Refresher.
* Don’t over exercise dogs in the sun
* At home, don’t lock the dog in conservatories, make sure there is lots of ventilation.
* Walk the dogs in the shade, wooded areas are cooler.
* If you are picnicking or at the seaside, provide shade and lots of water for the dog.
* Think about getting an evaporation mat. Some require to be soaked in water before use.
Be particularly careful of Puppies, old dogs, unwell or over weight dogs, dogs with heart disease or has a flat face (e.g., Pugs, French Bull dogs, Shih Tzus and English Bull Dogs).

* If you dog is over heating, wrap a damp towel around your dog.
* Do not leave you dog in the car.
* Spray with water, provide a paddling pool or take for a swim (make sure its safe and not prohibited)
* Do not throw or immerse your dog in cold water – it can cause shock and cause more problems
* Beware, beaches and car parks can absorb the heat of the sun and get particularly hot

If you see a dog locked in a car call 999 or RSPCA 0300 1234 99
Heatstroke can and does kill dogs. Dog Walking in Hot Weather beware !

Signs of heat stroke

* Rapid panting
* Excessive thirst
* Thick, sticky saliva
* Glassy eyes
* Depression
* Weakness, staggering, collapse
* Signs of agitation
* Excessive drooling
* Increased pulse and heartbeat
* Seizures
* Unconsciousness

If you are concerned about your dog’s health always call the vet ! Receptionists are really helpful.


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