Clapham – Dog Walking

All you lucky people who live in Clapham, you are spoilt when it comes to owning a dog. All you need is at your finger tips. Places to walk your dog,  dog walking business, dog friendly pubs and cafes, vets and groomers.  Clapham Рdog walking, you have it all!

Clapham Common itself is a lovely common with band stand, cafe, ponds and open spaces.
In the summer it can be a busy place on sunny weekends. Not the best place to take your dog.

There is a great community of dog owners there.

Parking is dead easy as most parts of Windmill Drive is free.

Clapham - Dog Walking - Burt and the Ball

Clapham Common is surrounded by busy roads, so unless your dog has good re-call I would suggest you do not let them off lead, or keep a very close eye on them.

There is a lovely little boating lake on the common. It has rather steep sides so smaller dogs could not get out, beware.
The council says that dogs are not allowed in this pond, but you will regularly see dogs cooling off.

There are lots of open spaces for doggies to run around and play. Then there are a number of small wooded areas that dogs can explore. but be careful as these wooded areas tend to be next to very busy roads.

I love walking my doggies there. After hours of playing and exploring I can sit at the little cafe and have a coffee and toasted sandwich.
Or, on a Sunday I love having lunch at the Windmill with my friends and their doggies. A truly beautiful common.

My favourite pub at Clapham to go to with my dog is The Windmill.

I have created a comprehensive list of pubs, vets, groomers and other dog friendly place on my website. Click here to go to my Clapham page.

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