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Clapham Dog Walker – SW4

We have a number of clients in this area. Two are local vets. We walk small to medium sized dogs in small groups. We will collect your dog from your home in our lovely air conditioned car and exercise them at local secure parks and commons.
As the groups are small we can interact with each dog and give them individual attention and care. We are fully insured from the moment we collect your dog until it is returned home. You wont see us with 8 dogs in a walk !

We will offer you a trial walk before accepting it into the group to ensure that it is happy with the dogs that we walk and they are happy with yours.

Your dog is only let off lead once you and we are happy that their re-call is sufficient.
All our dogs are very social. We do not take on aggressive dogs.

Clapham Common dog walking in the leaves - beautiful
Walks with the Doxies at Clapham Common

Dog Walking on Clapham Common

Clapham Common is a lovely place to walk your dog. It is a large and well maintained common. You will be sure to meet many other people walking their dogs there.
Your dog will need good re-call as it is surrounded by busy roads.
Clapham common has wooded areas, plenty of very large open spaces and a number of ponds. There are two cafes and it is has fairly easy parking which is free.

Clapham Dog Walker – SW4

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Clapham Dog Walker - SW4