Cat Feeding

Cat Feeding – £15

Cat Feeding Balham Clapham Tooting and Wandsworth. While you are away we will visit your home to care for your cat.

We find that most cats hate catteries, so we offer a service that is ideal for all sorts of cats. Your cat can stay at your home and we will care for your cat there.

Each cat is unique. It may be an independent and has a cat flap or the elderly or house cat who little extra care and cuddles. What ever the needs, we are there to help.

Once or twice a day (its up to you) we can come over to feed and make a fuss of your cat. We will feed then wash and clean the bowl and feeding area, refreshing its water bowl. We can administer medication if needed and will  keep you update on how they are.



Cat Feeding Balham Clapham Tooting and Wandsworth

Cats whiskers

We have been caring for cats for years in Clapham, Balham, Tooting, Wandsworth and Earlsfield.  We have experience in administering medication.


Balham Clapham Cat Feeding - Bert and Molly

Making your home look lived in

We can open and close curtains and blinds, turn lights on and off to make your home look lived in. If you need indoor plants watering that fine. We will tidy up post and take out the bins.

If you have fish we are happy to feed there while we are there.

Of course there will be lots of TLC, cuddles and love.

Cat Protection
Kevin - Tooting Clapham Balham Cat Feeding
Boyce - Tooting Clapham Balham Cat Feeding