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Worried about Alabama Rot Clapham Balham Tooting Wandsworth? This a a brief guide in what you need to know.

What is Alabama Rot?

It is an illness that was first recognised in Alamaba in the 1980’s. It is an illness that vets don’t fully understand and sadly kills many dogs. The best chance for dogs is early diagnosis and veterinary treatment.

At the moment it is unclear at the moment what the cause is. Vets have not agreed if its Parasite or bacterial, but most think its a toxin.

What are the signs

Bleeding lesions, swellings or ulcers. These wounds often appear on the lower leg, elbow or knee, vomiting, tiredness, lack of appetite

They are likely to lick the wounded area and it will become hairless.

Eventually it can tends to lead kidney failure and death.

How is it spread

The experts are not sure, but they think its through mud and so far its been found mainly in the countryside outside London.

Don’t Panic

Understandably it is very worrying, but I hear so many rumours which just spreads panic. At the moment many experts feel that the increase maybe due the higher awareness and reporting.

If your dog get very muddy some vets are suggesting it should be washed down with clean water.

If you find that your dog has received a cut while out, clean the wound and with all cuts call your vet for advice.

Its important that If you are concerned about your dog, check with your vet immediately. If your pet shows signs call your vet and speak to reception, this costs nothing. They can discuss your concerns and the symptoms. If they are concerned they will make an appointment to see they vet.


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Alabama Rot Clapham Balham Tooting Wandsworth